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Family Law

Most family law issues involve divorce, parental responsibility and sometimes child support. In many cases, clients are not coming to us at their best or happiest moment, and these issues are, of course, emotional. Our goal is to provide professional legal counsel to the client, advise them on what we believe are reasonable goals, to give them our best professional opinion on how a certain court or judge will see their case and assist them to work towards an efficient, fair settlement.

We pride ourselves in maintaining a courteous decorum in court and seek to collaborate with opposing counsel and, when appropriate, a mediator, to come to terms that are best for the client, and their children. Sometimes, litigation is the last resort, and we have the experience and knowledge to present our clients’ cases to the court in an effective manner as well.

Areas We Handle

  • Divorce

  • Civil union

  • Dissolution

  • Separation

  • Civil restraining orders & defense of restraining orders

  • Post-divorce issues:

    • Child support

    • Changes in circumstances

    • Parental rights & responsibilities

  • Uniform support orders

  • Counsel

    Laura Dudziak


    Jim O'Rourke


    Deb Bess Urbaitis


    Mary Lynn Roedel

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