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Mildred S.

The entire G&O staff conducted themselves with such professionalism, I'm so glad I decided to use them for my legal needs. The responses were timely and I was kept in the loop with what was happening with my case. Can't recommend them enough!

Tiffany D.

I have recently been in a custody battle with my very bitter ex-boyfriend, and I am now working with Attorney Laura M. Dudziak and she has been so helpful and responsive. Obviously, situations like these are stressful and very hard on those parties involved but I feel like I have someone in my corner who has my children and my own best interest at heart. I also feel a lot more comfortable knowing that she is in my corner. I could not be in better hands, and you can not put a price on peace of mind when it comes to your children.

David S.

G&O law helped my through a very rough case and made me feel in control with professionalism and empathy. They are less expensive than big firm lawyers but do just as good work.

Ronald S.

I found myself lost after my mother passed away, it's a lot to work through and the staff at G&O went above and beyond to help me get everything organized, and assist me in next steps to finalize all estate business. I highly recommend you use G&O to get estate and probate in order before a family emergancy.

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